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This is an exercise recreating the command line app ‘cal’ written as a Node.js module.

This was also a lesson in Test Driven Development. Mocha and Chai were used in conjuction with Travis CI for distributed testing & Coveralls for test coverage.


Since it’s a command line app, you will need access to your terminal. You will also need Git and NPM


  1. In the directory you want to install, Git Clone this repo
  2. Change Directory into the cloned repo
  3. In that main directory run npm install
  4. To be able to run the file directly type chmod +x cal.js


To run the app, simply type ./cal.js in the main directory of the cloned repo To run it in other locations you will need to type the full path to the file.


Running ./cal.js with no arguments displays the current month’s calendar in the console

Basic Output

Running ./cal.js <year> with a four digit year between 1753 and 9999 (inclusive) will display a full calendar year

Year Output

If the year chosen is outside the range or illegible

Invalid Year Input

Running ./cal.js <month> <year> with a valid year and month will display that particular month and year. 1753 and 9999 (inclusive) will display a full calendar year.

Month Output

A valid month must either be a number between 1-12 inclusive, the full month name, or a three letter abreviation of a month name.

Invalid Month Input